Boldheart Aussies Legends
Boldheart Aussies Legends

Boldheart Australian Shepherds. Located in Arizona.When quality counts add a Boldheart Aussie to your family.

Boldheart Australian Shepherds focus is to raise Australian shepherds of superior quality, focusing on health and temperament as my primary concern. They are bred for excellent temperaments, health, structure, movement, intelligence and athletic ability. They make great companions but still retain their herding instinct. I have many working dogs in therapy homes as well. Our dogs have the looks to win in the conformation ring, and the instinct and disposition to do an honest days work whether on a ranch working livestock, in the agility ring, competing in fly ball, Frisbee, herding or just cuddled up next to you on the couch being your side kick and best buddy. Boldheart is always concerned about raising healthy puppies. Toward this goal, we at Boldheart, guarantee our puppies’ health and temperament. Puppies are hand raised and well socialized in a home environment.They are socialized, up to date on shots and worming and know how to use a dog door and litter pan when they go to their new homes.

A Stump For A Tail

You can't buy loyalty, they say, I bought it though, the other day. You can't buy friendship, tried and true, Well just the same, I bought that too. I made my bid, and on the spot. Bought love and faith and a whole job lot Of happiness, so all in all The purchase price was pretty small. I bought a single trusting heart, That gave devotion from the start. If you think these things are not for sale, Buy a brown-eyed puppy with a stump for a tail.

Author unknown

Anyone who says, "Money can't buy happiness" doesn't own a Boldheart puppy!